Are you a  BIG VISION  “For the Betterment of Humanity” Entrepreneur; Visionary, Healer, Inventor, Innovator, or Thought Leader?

Superconscious Leaders are Dragons!

Birthers of Sovereign Creations, we Command Miracles within our Reality.

We are masters at bridging the gap between the physical and the spiritual by utilizing scientifically proven tools, quantum mechanics, unified field science and neuroscience. 

Superconscious Leaders have a singular goal- to be the example of living a life of passion, purpose, pleasure, & power!


We are Dragons, Creators of our own Reality, here to be the way showers to Heaven on Earth.


Humanity is at a critical juncture between the old Piscean ways ("The Patriarchy") and the Age of Aquarius ("Superconscious Era").

When you reunite with your Superconscious you become a master sovereign creator, endowed with infinite possibilities and possibilities.


Can you imagine how much better place the world would be if we were all truly FREE to live our life without judgement, shame, or regret?


The mission is to awaken those called to be healers across the globe to align to their highest frequencies and become the change they want to see in the world. 

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 As a Dragon masquerading as human- you  must learn to fully self validate, trust your guidance, and know your worth as a Divine Creator. 


You will have the all the skills necessary to innovate, invent and birth completely new information, technology, software & healing arts to transform this planet for the betterment of all who live here!


Becoming a Superconscious Leader offers you expertise in consciousness expansion.


Are you ready to


  • Collapse time in space & see the future
  • Manifest anything you require or desire extremely fast
  • Download the spiritual/emotional/mental/physical technologies to set Humanity free
  • Rearrange the very fabric of reality by merging your consciousness with Divine Will


 ALL whilst receiving incredible levels of bliss, love, & abundance for your soul’s work; feeling more connected to the universe than ever before?

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We are pioneers in whole life alignment &
human consciousness expansion!


"Our biggest passion is to reunite Humanity with the knowledge that fear is a choice & freedom is meant for everyone."


-Caryn Terres
Founder & CEO Superconscious Leaders

Caryn Terres

A Divine Mother Creatrix, licensed myofascial structural alignment integrator, and architect for New Earth.

Known as The Dragon Doula, Caryn's vortex of ascension comes with a warning- f*ck with her & she promises to change your life. You are guaranteed to become the STAR of your own story & totally unshameable.

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