Go from supporting role to SUPERSTAR of your life story!



 Learn to fully self validate, trust your guidance, and know you are worthy of living your Legendary Life!

It is time for you to DROP THE MASK and become the person you were born to be!

What if instead of your life happening TO you, everything you have endured was FOR your highest potential?
What if you could TRANSCEND YOUR TRAUMA once & for all?
What if you had the POWER to rewrite your story & live happily ever after?
What if you could learn to ENJOY the space between chapters in your life?


What if you could truly LET GO of who you were, and finally embrace who you are meant to be?

What if you could TAKE AUTHORITY for 100% of your entire existence?

And what if I told you that you ALREADY have the all the skills necessary to be the change you want to see in the world?


When you no longer identify as the victim you gain the power of claiming victory in every area of your life!




~Meet our Founder~
Caryn Terres LMT

Whole Life Alignment Expert, Licensed Myofascial & Somatic Bodyworker, International Best Selling Author, Event Speaker, & Mother of 3

Caryn created Superconscious Leaders as a way to share her story of going from suicidal suburban housewife with a slew of health conditions to ecstatic & robust Wild Divine Mother Creatrix!

She has built her reputation on being an intense, safe, and transformative space for her clients to create their legendary life & change the world as we know it!


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