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Ascension Vol 1 Now available on Kindle


is the act of rising to a higher level. The journey of life has twists and turns and is never a straight line. In Ascension Vol 1, we witness the spiritual and personal quest of eight individuals choosing the path of self-betterment, self-worth, and rising into leadership. 

The stories weave together into an empowering and spirit-filled narrative that will inspire you to choose your own true north and follow the ascension path. The path of constantly upleveling, going outside your comfort zones, and expansion. 


Featured contributors:

Janet Brent, David Vine, Dion Garcia, Caryn Terres, Jade Maniscalco, Whisper Romeo, Alecia Rose


Ascension Vol 1 is available for download on Kindle for only $1USD

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100% of the proceeds from this book go towards an amazing charity-
 Operation Underground Railroad - which is helping to rescue children from sex trafficking & sexual exploitation.

Learn more about this incredible foundation here

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